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Hotel Unumizu Cusco, with our strategic location and close proximity to the Center of the city of Cusco. Enjoy the best hospitality and quality service in Hotel Unumizu Cusco. Our name, Unumizu, means ‘water’ in the native Andean language Quechua (unu) and in Japanese (mizu). It signifies the convergence of two cultures, the Inca and the Orient, and the tenacity of preserving the environment. Unumizu is a concept that allows us to put into practice our vision of sharing and preserving the Inca and Peruvian cultures while sustaining tourism and a great respect for our natural environment. All of these are expressed with water, Unumizu, one of the essential elements of life.




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Av. Huayna Cápac 210 Cusco, Perú - Fono/Fax: (+51) 84-223100